As I continue to “clean-up” my computer, I am learning more about RootsMagic. I have RootsMagic 6 because this was the current version when I purchased it.

One thing I did right away was to join the RootsMagic Facebook group. This is a closed group – one needs to ask to be in the group. So far, I have received much assistance from this group!!

The primary reason that I decided to move my FTM family files to RootsMagic was that the version of FTM that I have (Version 8) was beginning to act up – there were times that I couldn’t back up my file. And, other little things began to happen.

At first, I attempted to create a GEDCOM of each of my FTM family files. I did create the GEDCOMs, but RM did not import them correctly. I contacted someone at the RootsMagic forum. They did not know why the GEDCOM was not importing correctly (some of the data was not imported), and the suggestion was that I do it again. The next time I did it (saving the GEDCOM under a different name), other data was not imported. So, I decided to leave RootsMagic alone for a while. So, after about 2 months, I decided to try again. This time RootsMagic worked wonderfully!

I am continuing to learn more about RootsMagic. I have merged files, added people to some of my family files, and have even saved a copy of one of my files to Dropbox!