As I have been working at organizing the files and folders on my computer, I have been wondering about the use of Evernote during this work.

A colleague mentioned to me about using Evernote as a way to organize the photos on my computer. I was told, I think, that I could simply move each “family” photo into a “family” notebook in Evernote.

So, since I already had Evernote installed on my computer, I thought, “Why not?”

I opened Evernote on my computer, and discovered there was a problem with syncing the program. I spent the next 4 days figuring out why the program would not sync – thank you to the Evernote forum for helping me with this!

During this process, I “discovered” again (probably knew before but was good to remind me) that Evernote is not cloud storage. So, I wondered if I really wanted to put my one-of-a-kind photos there – they would not be automatically updated and stored with my Carbonite account. Did I really want to do that???

I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this issue. Have you used Evernote in this way? How do you back-up the notes you have in Evernote? DO you back-up the notes you have in Evernote?