I am finally able to return to writing my blog. Thank you to everyone who contacted me personally to pass along their well-wishes.

While I have been away, I have been recuperating from various ailments that have kept me inside with my feet up. This has given me much time to spend contemplating my time-usage. As I thought I may discover, I have been spending much time blogging and running my business, Maggie’s Genealogy Service. And, in doing so, I have become sloppy in the research of my personal family. One of the areas where I have become sloppy is in my record keeping, both on and off of the computer. I have duplicates of photos and records, file names are not as descriptive as they once were, and the backing-up of these photos and records has not been as “routine” as it should be. I have much “cleaning-up” to do!

As I begin my cleaning, I will surely discover photos and documents about which I have forgotten! I will pass along some of the hints that I use in discovering these long-lost items! And, I will also continue to pass along more hints for researching your family.