Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 workshop of the Society of Indiana Archivists ( The workshop was held at The Prindle Institute for Ethics on the DePauw University campus in Greencastle, Indiana.

There were two sessions to the workshop, with a catered luncheon provided between the sessions.

The morning session was entitled, Understanding Patrons, and was led by Stacy Klingler, the Director of the Local History Services department of the Indiana Historical Society. This was a wonderful session with many ideas as to how to “count” the number of patrons who visit archives and libraries. We looked at who it is that makes up our individual community (using Greencastle as the example) by using census data. We had a time when we split into smaller groups to “create the profile” of a certain kind of “patron” – my group created a researcher of family history! In this way, we were each able to define the attributes of different kinds of patrons, so that we would be sure that we were doing what we could for them to feel welcome at our facility.

After a delicious lunch, the afternoon session, entitled, Quick, Cheap and Easy: Collections Care on a Shoestring, was led by Assistant Director (of Local History Services department of the Indiana Historical
Society) Tamara Hemmerlein. During this session, individuals asked specific questions about the inexpensive ways in which their collections could be archived. Ms. Hemmerlein gave many inexpensive hints on what could be used instead of some of the more expensive archival products.

Of course, there was time for mingling and chatting and exchanging information. Much was learned during these times as well.

The weather for the day was cool and breezy – the perfect day to be at Prindle. Everything together made it a wonderful day!

If anyone is interested in some of the inexpensive hints that were given, please be sure to respond below.

This is it for now.