Yesterday I visited the Danville Public Library in Danville, Indiana. I was in Danville with time to spare, and since I had never visited the library, I decided that was the time to do it.

And am I glad I did!

There is an Indiana Room in the library – the kind of room every genealogist loves!

Upon walking in, of course I signed in on the sheet provided. There was a librarian who asked me if he could be of assistance. I explained that I was not looking for anyone in particular – just looking around at what was available.

In this Indiana room, of course there is much concerning Hendricks County – the county where Danville is located. There are many records and histories, and a large map of Hendricks County which shows the townships and all of the little towns and cemeteries. And, there is much more.

There are family history “boxes” containing already researched information. There are books on the history of Indiana, Indiana census books, books containing information on other Indiana counties, military pension books, guides to the National Archives, newspapers, magazines, journals – the list could go on for quite a bit. What a wonderful facility of genealogical records.

There are several tables on which to spread out so that you won’t “get lost” while doing your research. And, as I have already mentioned, a librarian is there to assist you.

So, come and visit this wonderful Indiana Room!

This is it for now!