Have you ever searched and searched for news on your ancestor, and you are sure that you have found everything??

The brother of my husband’s grandfather lived in northwest Ohio, outside of Toledo. Family story, backed up by the family Bible, showed that he had died while young – about 25 years of age. Questions were asked about him to family members that may know, and nothing was known about him. He was found on census records residing in Ottawa County, Ohio – just like everyone said he was.

Then, a tremendous find was made. My husband’s grandfather kept diaries of his time when he was drilling oil wells. And, he traveled through the western states.

Another look at the census record for uncle showed that he was also an oil driller. More searching was done, extending to other states. And, a newspaper article was found in the Warren Weekly News (Huntington, Indiana) for 26 December 1901. Here is a transcription of the article:

“Death of Ernest Bringe.
The startling and sad news was received at Warren yesterday morning that Ernest Bringe had died in a hospital at Grand Crossing, Colorado, of typhoid fever. Mr. Bringe and Frank Ray went to the Wyoming oil field last September, and were engaged there drilling oil wells. The message stated that Bringe’s remains would be shipped to his home near Toledo.
The deceased was well known in Warren having been employed in the oil field the past three or four years. He was a model of physical strength and young manhood, quiet, peaceable, and well liked by all who knew him.”
(hmatlock@airmail.net. “Ernest Bringe.” Ancestry.com, discussion list, 19 July 2005, http://www.ancestry.com : 2014.)

What a discovery! We had originally thought that Ernest had lived his entire life in Ottawa County, Ohio, and was an oil driller there. No one in the family knew that he had traveled, like his brother Albert, to the western states. And, his is death was recorded in a newspaper in Indiana. Who would have known!

This is it for now.