As shown previously, Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe and his wife, Marie Hahn Bringe, arrived in the U. S. with his children Joh., Friedr. Ernst, Carl, Anna, Martin, and Albert, on the ship Moravia, on 14 November 1884 from Germany.

As has been shown in previous posts, Friedrick and Marie (Hahn) had the following children: Frederich C. (born 1873), Anna Maria (born 6 September 1878), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (born 20 October 1880), Ernest H. (born 22 December 1875), Carl Friederich (born 6 September 1878), and Albert Henry (born 2 June 1883).

Recently found are some diaries that belonged to Albert Henry Bringe. As discovered in the diaries, he worked in various states, and in Canada, in the early 1900’s, as a person who dug oil wells. The diaries are shedding some light as to his travels and the process of digging an oil well!

Here are some scans from a 1914 diary. Albert explains in detail what he is doing – does anyone know more about the process of which he is writing? The scans I am including are of Albert’s work in April 1914 – also some “Memorandum” pages from the same time.


1914 inside 6 1914 inside 22 1914 inside 5
Here is what I gleaned from the pages:

Sun 29   Working for Ead Graham
Mon 30 Drilling
Tues 31 Drilling Wet hole
Wed 1    April Drilling in Dry hole
Thur 2   Drilling in dry hole struck Gas at 814 ft
Fri 3      Drilling salt sand and water
Sat 4       ” ”

Mon 6  Drilling Kioze? Got cup sand at 974 1/2 ft
Paid $42.00 7 days

Wed 8  Went to Coffieville Kans.
Thur 9 Went to Warn Okla.
Working for Ead Graham
Ead Grahm
Brake Box on Stem in 10 inch hole
Fri 10   Sand Stem to Shaf got new Box on. Stem.
Sat 11    Drilling Shale
Sun 12  Easter Day Drilling Shale
Mon 13 Gov’t Beg 30 ft of lime? At 800 and cut of bit.
Tues 14 Goot Big lime at 930 ft Lime
Wed 15 Got Lime at 980.
Drilling Hard Bits don’t stand
Thur 16  Bad Hole filling up hole
Fri 17        ” ”
Sat 18       ” ”
Sun 19  Filling up hole and drilling it out
Mon 20     ” ”
Tues 21  Got hole strat went bad filled up and
drilled out
Wed 22 Got Hole strat on got to botom.
gone good.
Thur 23 Gone slow in lime
Fri 24     Put in Cassing
bale out hole
Sat 25    Drilling in dry hole. Got bad hole.
Paid $96

This is it for now. More in Bringe-25.