As shown previously, Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe and his wife, Marie Hahn Bringe, arrived in the U. S. with his children Joh., Friedr. Ernst, Carl, Anna, Martin, and Albert, on the ship Moravia, on 14 November 1884 from Germany.

As has been shown in previous posts, Friedrick and Marie (Hahn) had the following children: Frederich C. (born 1873), Anna Maria (born 6 September 1878), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (born 20 October 1880), Ernest H. (born 22 December 1875), Carl Friederich (born 6 September 1878), and Albert Henry (born 2 June 1883).

Recently found are some diaries that belonged to Albert Henry Bringe. As discovered in the diaries, he worked in various states, and in Canada, in the early 1900’s, as a person who dug oil wells. The diaries are shedding some light as to his travels and the process of digging an oil well!

Here are a few more scans from the 1905 diary.

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23 unknown date 2 inside 21

What is now known:
1.Mr. F. C. Bringe was living in Martin, Ohio (Ottawa County)

As usual, as more information is being found, more questions are raised as well!
1.Who was Mr. Dan Lewis in Enid, Oklahoma? Who was Geo. Serles?
2.Who was Dave Nextun in Toledo, Ohio? Did Albert work for him? Was Dave any relation to Mr. J. F. Nextun in Wichita, Kansas?
3.Who was C. C. Connery in Inola, I. T.?
4.What are the mixtures for which there are formulas given?
5.Did Albert work for a R. F. Bashaw in Mt. Carroll, Illinois?
6.What was the relationship between Albert Bringe and Mr. M. S. Danklefsen?
7.Who was Hattie Dornbusch in Port Clinton, Ohio?

This is it for now. More in Bringe-24.


PS I am thinking that F. C. Bringe was Frederich C. Bringe, brother of Albert Bringe.