So, this obituary was found in the papers belonging to my husband’s parents.

Chas Bringe obit


Who is it?

We know of one and only one Bringe who died on 3 April 1905.  His name is not Chas., but Karl Friederich Bringe.  He was the brother of my husband’s grandfather Bringe.  We have a photo of his gravestone – says Karl Friederich.  Could this be the same person?

Since we now had the obituary, I was able to search better for him in the 1900 census.  He was not living with his parents or any of his siblings.  But, I did find a Charles F. Bringe residing in Kern County, California, in the 1900 census.  He was a boarder with the Flasher family.  When I looked at the actual census record, his birth date was just one year off from what is on his gravestone.  And, he was a tool dresser on the oil wells.  The additional information of his immigration in 1884 assures me that this is the same Karl Friederich Bringe.

Then, I discovered that I had found the mystery man on another item from my husband’s parents.

We have inherited a trunk – it has stored in it items that belonged to grandfather Bringe.  And, the items are all from when grandfather worked the oil wells out west (mainly Oklahoma) from 1900-1905.  There are initials on the outside of the trunk – C. F. B., and the label inside the trunk is a label of the Los Angeles Trunk Factory.  My husband and I thought that the trunk must have belonged to Charles F. Bringe, another brother of grandfather.  But, I could never place him in California.  Now I know he was never there!  The trunk belonged to Karl (Americanized to Charles) Friederich Bringe!

What a lot of information one little obituary provided!