I have been communicating often with my father’s first cousin.  She and I send photos and stories back-and-forth.

In a letter I received last year, she included in the letter a photo of a painting she has had for many years.  The photo is shown below:

photo of house front








It is a wonderful photo to me!  On the back of the photo is written:  “Photo by Louise Franz Morgan 6-29-12  Painting by Elizabeth Sage Lyon of their home in Burrville TN probably 1870s or 1880s”.

Here is the history as I know it (from talking with my grandmother Lyon and letters that she wrote to me):

The Daniel and Elizabeth Sage Lyon family were from Vermont.  Daniel Lyon was in the bakery business in Hoboken, New Jersey.  For some reason, about 1887, Daniel and Elizabeth decided to move to Morgan County, Tennessee, near the town of Burrville.  Daniel purchased 2500 acres of virgin timber there.  He and Elizabeth lived there for a few years.  They ended up moving back to Hoboken and their bakery.

While living around Burrville, Charles, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, found a new friend, Martin Babcock.  Martin’s sister, Jennie, married Charles, and they are my great-grandparents.

While Daniel and Elizabeth were there in Burrville, Elizabeth painted this picture of their house.  The original painting is in the possession of the cousin whom I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

What a find!