While going through more items from my husband’s parents’ house, I came upon a letter written 20 August 1909.

The letter is from “Your truly Brother C F Bringe” to “Dear Brother Martin”.     A lot has been learned from the letter.  Apparently, C. F. (Frederich C.) was writing to his brother, Martin.  C. F. had had an operation that involved removing a bone.  And, he is healing whether well – there are two places that are not healing, but the doctor wants to wait awhile longer.  C. F. asks Martin is he is still living in Gibsonburg (Ohio).  Also, C. F. says that the folks by him are all well.  Anna is well, but the children have whopping cough.  And, C. F. and Martin have mutual friends Butok Esslinger and Fred Schwan – and these two have a “sloan” (saloon?)  at 711 Summit Street.

As I mentioned, much was learned from this letter.  Until this letter was found, it was not known that C. F. had ever lived in Toledo, Ohio, or that Martin had lived in Gibsonburg.  Also, it was not know that Anna (maybe their sister?) had children that had whopping cough.  Another neat thing about this letter is that it is the only one that we have that was written to Martin.  Martin died in 1918.

It will be interesting to now try to find Martin in a census in 1910 – maybe Gibsonburg!

Here are scans of the letter and envelope:

20 August 1902 letter envelope front20 August 1902 letter envelope back






20 August 1902 letter page 120 August 1902 letter page 2