You have looked and looked for the marriage record for your ancestor. And, it just isn’t where you thought it would be! They lived in the county before they married, so why can’t you find the record?

It could be that they did not get married in the same county in which they lived. If you are having a difficult time finding where they married, why not look for the marriage of some of the others in the county? It could be that it was a “custom” to go to the next-county, or next-state, to marry.

I had been looking in Putnam County, Indiana, for marriages. The couple just didn’t get married there! But where did they marry? So, I checked on a few of the other couples in the county. And, I discovered that it was not unusual for couples to travel to Edgar County, Illinois, to marry! I don’t yet know why they would go there, but they did. So, I checked to see if “my couple” went there too. And, they did!!