Another photo found among the Champion keepsakes:

unknown date of photo or who it is

The photo was very faded, so I tried to enhance it some so that more can be seen.

I posted this in a closed group on Facebook so that others could tell me their suggestions for who this is and what this is!

What this is – maybe a farm truck with a sprayer on it?  Or, a fire truck sprayer?

Who this is – maybe my husband’s grandfather, Lloyd Champion?

If one looks at the right-hand wagon, two wheels are seen on the left of the wagon.  My husband remembers seeing old farm wagons that had two wheels on each side – the outside was for mainly rolling, and the inside wheel had cleats (or something like that) for traction.  And, if one looks closely at the tanks, there is a tube coming from the tank to maybe a sprayer-type item.  It also looks like the man is holding something like an upside-down hat with his left hand.

The man may be Lloyd Champion.  Lloyd was in World War I.  Upon returning to Lucas County, Ohio, he married Hazel Holland.  As reported in a previous post, Lloyd was raised by his grandparents, Jacob and Delilah Mizer.  It could be that this was taken where Lloyd was working on a farm?

Here is a photo of Lloyd (left) when he returned from World War I, and a photo of Albert Bringe (husband’s other grandfather about 1911):

Lloyd Champion standing on rightAlbert Bringe29 July 1911

What do you think?  Could the man be Lloyd?  Albert?  Or, is it someone else?  What are your thoughts on the machinery?