Here is another photo found in items from my husband’s folks.

Mary Harmon daughter of William Harmon and Martha Mizer

According to the back of the photo, this is Mary Harmon.

Harmon is not a familiar name among the Champion ancestors.  So, I did a little research and my husband did some remembering.

My husband remembers that his grandfather, Lloyd Champion, was raised by Lloyd’s grandparents, Jacob and Delilah Mizer.  Family story is that Lloyd’s father, Llewellyn, was not the man who Jacob would have chosen for his daughter, Martha, to marry.  So, soon after Lloyd was born (1896), Martha and Llewellyn divorced.  Martha married William Harmon, and Llewellyn married Mildred Richardson (in 1899).  Lloyd did not see his father again until Lloyd was 17 years of age.  So, Martha married William Harmon, and they had 4 daughters – Helen, Goldie, Mary Delilah, and Stella Isabell. (My husband remembers going to visit Aunt Helen in Toledo, Ohio.)

In the book, “A Genealogy of the Meisser Family”, Mary Harmon is listed as being born in 1908.

So, the reason this photo was found with Champion keepsakes is that Mary is Lloyd’s half-sister!