My husband has been going through more items that belonged to his parents.  Some of these items are photos.


grandparents Bringe 25th anniversary clock on wall



This photo is of the cake that was made for the 25th wedding anniversary of his grandparents – Albert Henry Bringe and Sophia Felbinger.  They married 24 August 1922 in Genoa, Ottawa County, Ohio.

When first looking at this photo, the cake was the focal point.  Then, more was discovered in the photo.  Look at the clock that is on the wall.

Now, look at this photo.


It’s the same clock!  This clock is now sitting on the mantle in our dining room.  Family story is that the clock was the first item purchased when the Bringe’s arrived in the United States in 1884.  The first photo would have been taken in 1947 – as said above, the 25th anniversary of Albert and Sophia.  Albert was a baby when he arrived in the U. S. in 1884.

Seeing the clock in the photo, the 25th anniversary cake, and the curtains on the window helped my husband to remember that this was taken after Albert and Sophia “moved off of the farm” into town.  They moved into town about 2 years before this was taken.

It is amazing how a photo can tell so much about the people!