As shown previously, Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe and his wife, Marie Hahn Bringe, arrived in the U. S. with his children Joh., Friedr. Ernst, Carl, Anna, Martin, and Albert, on the ship Moravia, on 14 November 1884 from Germany.

As has been shown in previous posts, Friedrick and Marie (Hahn) had the following children:  Frederich C. (born 1873), Anna Maria (born 6 September 1878), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (born 20 October 1880), Ernest H. (born 22 December 1875), Carl Friederich (born 6 September 1878), and Albert Henry (born 2 June 1883).

Several items, including some cards, have been discovered about the Bringe family.  I will address these in this and the next few Bringe posts.  These are not being presented in any particular order.  However, I do want to present them as they may eventually aid in discovering more about Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe and his two wives.

birthday poem in German 1 for bringe 13birthday poem in German translation for bringe 13

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A “Birthday Poem” – left is in German, and right is translation.  I have no idea as to who the “mother” is in this poem.  She was born in 1808.  And, she had children Carl, Fritz, Wilhelm, and Hans.

Any ideas?

More next time in Bringe-14.