Christian Friedrick Martin Bringe arrived in New York on the ship Moravia on 14 November 1884, accompanied by his wife, Marie (age 41), and his children Joh. (age 22), Friedr. (age 9), Ernst (age 8), Carl (age 5), Anna (age 4), Martin (age 3), and Albert (age 9 months).

According to the 1900 U. S. Census for Sandusky County, Ohio, (See Bringe-2) Fred is the head of the household, with wife Marie H. and son Albert H. in his household. Fred is a naturalized citizen having immigrated to the U. S. in 1884. Fred’s certificate of naturalization does not give any clues as to his family in Germany.


Fred Bringe certificateof naturalization

Frederick Bringe certificate of naturalization, 27 October 1890, in Bringe Family papers; original, family copy, held by Margaret B. Champion, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] 2010; photocopy held by Margaret B. Champion, Greencastle, Indiana.


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