Hello Readers,

I am finally going to get a tablet. I have wanted one for quite a while, and it is now time to follow through and actually buy one.

However, I am unsure as to what to get – an iPad or Android?

At this time, my laptop computer is running Windows 7. Additionally, I have an android smart-phone. As a genealogist, I want to be able to have my own personal tree on the tablet, plus genealogy apps – also, Evernote and Dropbox.

What is your opinion on which kind of table to get? And, how much memory? Do I also make sure that I get one that has a spot to plug-in my thumb drive (for even more memory)? What size tablet do you recommend – 6- or 10-inch? (I want to be able to read e-books on it, so my initial thinking is 10-inch.)

Thank you for each and every one of your comments!