I had been researching a particular family for quite some time. I found the family in Federal Censuses of 1910, 1930, and 1940. And, also in state censuses in 1915 and 1925. But, I could not find them in the Federal Census of 1920. Where were they??

In my search, I had performed as many variations of the name as I could think of, and still no recording of the family. I decided that they were not to be found.

In doing the family research, I was also looking at siblings and where they had lived. And, I was looking at spouse families as well. So, I located the marriage records of the siblings. On one of the marriage records, the recorded information included the residence of the couple. And, there on the marriage certificate of a sister was the same residence of the family I mentioned in the first paragraph. And, she was married in 1921! So, I searched for her in the 1920 census and I found her – living with her sibling! I found the family!