Recently, I was given an afghan. Now, this afghan was probably crocheted in the 1940’s – granny square, black edging, multicolored squares outlined in black. What was special was that this afghan was made by my great-grandmother, the woman after whom I was named.

This great-grandmother was born in Oldham County, Kentucky. She moved with her husband and children to Delray, Florida, in 1912. She and her husband had a “motel” there – many stayed in their Kentucky House and it was quite successful. Then, when the stock market crashed, she and her husband lost everything.

One of great-grandmother’s children (my great-aunt) aided in the raising of a young girl. This great-aunt never legally adopted the girl, but the girl was considered a member of the family. She has always been my “cousin.” This cousin, her husband and family, eventually moved to Indiana. Cousin had been given the afghan by her “grandmother” when cousin was young. And, the afghan was recently given to me.