Have you ever gone to a library, courthouse, or the Internet to do research? There are always great records at all three of these places!

Recently, when researching online, I found the will of my something-great uncle. I had researched him in the past, obtaining information about his wife’s brother who is my direct ancestor. It had been awhile, so it was time to see what was “new” since the last time I researched him!

This time I found his will. And, what an amazing find that was. I did not find anything about my direct ancestor. However, I discovered that he named a wife that I did not know about! I did not know that his first wife had died (or they had divorced) and that he had married a second time. However, now that I knew of a second wife, I researched further. His first wife, the sister of my direct ancestor, had in fact died. And, I found a census record that showed him, his second wife, and THEIR children! I never knew any of this!

So, go back and research again. You never know what you may find!