Have you ever asked the above question of one of your relatives? I know that I have!

I was researching a family, and I knew (from family story), that the family had moved from Indiana to Missouri. I decided to see when the Indiana family had sold their land – hence a possible date for moving to Missouri.

I had access to a newspaper index, so that is where I began searching for a land transaction. And, I found that the land had been sold – in fact, three adjoining tracts of land had all been sold to the same person! So, an idea as to when the family had moved was known. The land transactions were on the same date in 1915.

I knew that the family had lived in Indiana in 1900, but I had not had success in finding them in 1910. I just “knew” they had to be there since they sold their land in 1915! But, I decided to look in the general area where they had moved. And, there they were! They were already living in Missouri in 1910. However, they did not sell their land in Indiana until 1915.