While researching an ancestor for a client, I could not find the ancestor in the census where I suspected that they were living. They had lived in Manhattan in 1910, and I had found them in the same general area (but at a different location) in 1930. Where were they in 1920?

I thought about doing a “browse” type of search, but I was going to be looking through a lot of pages. I had gone to the website, http://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html, so I had the areas in 1910 and 1930 down to a few Enumeration Districts. So, I began a page by page search. At first, I thought I would never find them! But, eventually, I did! And, the way I found them was by saying each name. It is amazing how some names sound to the census taker! The ancestor was there, but the last name was not spelled anything like I would have spelled it!

So, next time, even if the ancestor does not come up in a search, browse the census. You may be surprised what you find!