August 2013

Bibles. The older ones usually contain a wealth of information. How does someone find the family Bible?

I was searching for information about an ancestor. Information for this ancestor “came up” in my search. However, my ancestor lived in Kentucky, and the record was in Missouri. And, the source for the information was a family Bible. How did my ancestor’s information get written in a Bible in Missouri? He never went there – he was born and died in Kentucky. So, I began researching the ancestor’s children. And, there was a daughter who was in Missouri! One of the children had married and moved to Missouri. And, this child had taken the family Bible with her!


Digital newspapers are a real help in genealogy research.

Google Newspapers Archive is a tool that connects with digital newspapers that match the search term. Nothing new has been put in GNA since May 2011, but everything before that is still there. For some of the newspapers, the entire article will be visible. For some, though, a payment will need to be made before seeing the article. However, if it is something about your ancestor, the payment will probably be worth it!

Another possible source for seeing digital newspapers is a college or university. The university in my town, DePauw U., is in the process of digitizing all of the Putnam County, Indiana, newspapers. The website is: So, check out the university close to your research area – they may have digital newspapers there!


Google Patent is a handy “Google” Tool. It may be that you don’t think that your ancestor had a patent. However, you may find a surprise! It could be that your client created a patent and you don’t even know it!

My ancestor, William McCormick, patented his Stave-Dressing Machine in 1882 !


I have used other map-creating software, and I always come back to Google Maps. For me, this is the easiest to use.

When a client comes to town, I create a map of every place that I am going to take them. It is easy, and I can save the map. I print out the map – one for me and one for the client. I also print out the “Street View” for the exact locations which we are going to visit. That way, if my client decides to revisit the location, landmarks will be shown for easy identification.

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