Have you ever searched for a name in a County Clerk record? Usually, the County Clerk’s office is where one will find probate records. When looking for probate records, if you are lucky the book has an index. And, usually this index is in the front of the book.

One time, when trying to find an ancestor’s record, I was looking in the index under the letter “S.” Do you know how popular last names beginning in “S” are? Very popular! So, I got to the end of the page, and no ancestor. I turned the page to see if they were continued on the next page. But, they weren’t there. However, there were more of the “S” surnames on the previous page. So, I looked carefully through the names. I got to the bottom of the page, and still no ancestor. But, since the entire page was used, I thought that maybe there was another continuation page. I went through the entire index. I did find them – after the “Z” page! There was not a notation on any of the other “S” surname pages about looking after the “Z” page, but that is where they were!

So, if you don’t find your ancestor, look through the entire index. The continuation page may be where you would least expect it to be!