Have you ever asked the above question of one of your relatives?  I know that I have!

A number of years ago, I had been diligently searching for the death certificate of a woman.  I knew she had lived in Florida, and she was buried in Florida.  However, no death certificate could be found.

My client did not have any additional information on her death.

So, I began looking for her death certificate in the places where her children and grandchildren had been living about the time of her death – this date was from her gravestone.  And, a discovery was made!  She had died while visiting a grandson!   And, he lived in Kentucky!

When I went to the county in Kentucky where she died, there was her death certificate, just waiting to be discovered!

So, if a record cannot be found where you know the person lived, check the residences of the children and grandchildren.  You may find the record there!