It is very important to clearly identify the location of an event in an ancestor’s life.

When doing so, make sure that the location is identified as it would have been at the time of the event.  Over time, town names have changed, as well as county lines.

Have you ever searched for a town name, and that name not be identifiable by a search engine?  So far, I have not had this happen.  However, I have had a hit on an “extinct” name, and the website has specified the “new” name of the town.  This has helped greatly on identifying exactly where the now-extinct named town was located.

Another potential problem is the county name.  As new counties were formed, locations “changed counties” because of new lines being drawn.  Make sure, when you identify the county, that the county name used is the county name at the time of the record.  That “old” county is where the county records will be found!