Did you ancestor attend a college or university, or even a preparatory school?  If so, it could be that you can discover new things about your ancestor’s life.

One of my female ancestors attended a college that is no longer in existence.  However, when I did a search for the college name, I found a website that had a copy of a magazine article about the college.  The article gave insight as to what was expected of the females at the college.  I did not know that the girls were not allowed to visit with their parents for an entire term!  The article also had photos of the college, taken at the time that my ancestor was attending.

Since I was named after this female ancestor, I have been given her diary that she had when she attended the college.  Many of the entries make a lot more sense to me after reading the magazine article!

If you have an ancestor that attended a college, and the college is still in existence, contact the archives of the college.  I have received information about other ancestors in this manner as well.