In Indiana, every county is divided into townships.  And, the township trustee is the “caretaker” of the cemeteries in the township.

Recently, I was searching for a grave in a rather large cemetery.  The cemetery took up several acres.  Before attempting to find the “probable” grave in the cemetery, I made an appointment with the township trustee.

When I arrived at his office, there were several folks from town there – this was the local daytime gathering place!  I admit that I first thought – this is going to take a long time because of the visiting that they are all doing.  However, I soon discovered that it was good that the town folks were there!

The township trustee had the plots of the large cemetery on his computer – and they were searchable!  So, he searched for the names, found the plots, and printed out a map of the location of the plots.  He even printed out the plots around the one in which I was interested!  He told me that he knew that in that section of the cemetery that even though there were different last names, most of the people were related.  What a good thing to know! And, when some of the town folks heard the ancestor name in which I was interested, they gave me more information about the family!  One of the town folk had ancestors that were neighbors to “my” ancestor, and knew things that I would have never known!

So, next time you are checking on a grave, visit a township trustee!  You never know what you may discover!