More on the mystery of John Bradshaw:

John Bradshaw and Catherine Huffman had children Leander (my ancestor), Matilda, John Monroe, Elijah Liter, Julia, Mary Ann, Malinda, Sarah Ann, and Susan Catherine.

More on Matilda and Edward Martin:

It is known that Matilda died at the Home for Aged and Infirm in Louisville, Kentucky on 12 January 1911, and is buried in Eastern Cemetery in Louisville.

As I said in my last post, I found an E.P. Martin in Louisville in 1900. However, I am not sure if this is the correct E.P.!

I decided to attempt to determine if Edward and Matilda Martin, in the 1870 census, was the same E.P. Martin (Liter & Martin) in the 1870 Louisville City Directory.  I knew what street the directory showed they lived (420 W. Chestnut).  The 1870 census did not show street addresses.  So, I looked at 6 “neighbors” on each side of Edward and Matilda in the census, and found them in the 1870 or 1871 Louisville directory.  From this research, I was able to confirm that Edward and Matilda did in fact live on Chestnut Street in the 1870 census.

So, it is very probable that Edward and Matilda were the same as E.P. Martin, who had the business, Liter & Martin.

Since in 1880 Edward and Matilda were living in Nelson County, it will not be possible to do this same research for 1880.

More examination still needs to be made on the E. P. Martin in Louisville!