More on the mystery of John Bradshaw:

John Bradshaw and Catherine Huffman had children Leander (my ancestor), Matilda, John Monroe, Elijah Liter, Julia, Mary Ann, Malinda, Sarah Ann, and Susan Catherine.

More on Matilda and Edward Martin:

It is known that Matilda died at the Home for Aged and Infirm in Louisville, Kentucky on 12 January 1911, and is buried in Eastern Cemetery in Louisville.

I have found Matilda in the 1910 census for Schardein Precinct, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  She is listed in the portion of the census that is for institutions – Home for the Aged and Infirm.  She is listed as:

Martin, Mat     Inmate     75 years of age     widow     0 children

I have not yet found her in the 1900 census.

However, I have “traced” E. P. Martin through the Louisville city directories, from 1870-1908.  He is listed as owning his own company in all of the years.  In 1870, his company is the grocers, Liter & Martin.  This is quite interesting as the partner in the business is Elisha A. Liter.  Elisha A. Liter is the second cousin once removed of Matilda – Elisha’s grandfather was the brother of Matilda’s great-grandfather.  By 1874, the grocers were E. P. Martin & Co., and the partner was G. W. Burton.  By 1879, the partner was Charlie Hoke, and added to the business was “tanbark measurers.”  In 1884, Edward seems to have been the sole proprietor of his business (Hoke is not found in the directory as a person or as in the business).  It is interesting that in 1879 his residence is listed as Nelson County – according to the 1880 census, Matilda and Edward were residing in Nelson County.  Edward seems to have not lived in Louisville (except for a hotel) until 1900.  He continued to own his business in 1908.  He does not appear in the census after that date.  Matilda/Mattie does not appear either.  Edward was probably born 1825-28, so he would have been in his early 80’s at the time of his death.

Something else of interest has been discovered as well.  According to the book, The Past and Present of Vermilion County, Illinois, by Clarke, (S.J.) Publishing Company, E. P. Martin has a partner in his grocery business while in Vermilion County, Illinois.  It seems that William Hessey moved to Danville (Illinois) in 1857, and he entered into partnership with E. P. Martin and opened a general store, becoming one of the early merchants of Danville.  Mr. Hessey continued in business until 1876.

I have searched for his will at – in both Nelson and Jefferson County.  There is no record of it.