So, now it was time to go to Room 203 – the Central Research Room, on the next floor up.  The entrance to this room is directly over the entrance to the large room on the main floor.

Before going up to this room, we added copying funds to our researcher cards.  The place for doing this was outside of the large room on the main floor.  Very easy process.  And, we put everything in the lockers except for our two quart Ziploc bags.  In these bags with had our photo IDs, money, pencils, and cell phones.

When we got upstairs to Room 203, we had to check in – we showed our Ziploc bags!  It was easy to see what we are bringing into the room!  We were also taking our computer in, so they wanted to look closely to make sure we were not hiding anything in it.

Then, we went to the room on the left-hand end of the room – this had tables in it for anyone to use.  (The room on the right-hand end of the room had reserved tables only).  We chose 2 tables close to the copiers!  We ended up being the only ones in the room that were using the copiers, so we did not have to wait for them.

Then, first we went out to the big desk in the center of the room – this is where the records were held for pick-up.  That is, the records that were pulled from room G-24.  Since there were only 2 folders of records, we each took 1. And, the copying began!

One mention – when you are given the folder, you must sign in two places with your signature and the date and time.  When you return the folder you sign that you are returning the folder.  If  you do not want to see it again during the next 3 days, you sign another place that it is okay to return the folder to the stacks.

More in my next blog on my National Archives Trip!