I am currently researching the Moore family that was in Rowan County, NC, from the late 1700’s to about 1836.  At that time, they left Rowan County to travel to Indiana, settling in 1836 in the Summitville area of Madison County.  George and his wife, Mary Beck, were the father and mother who traveled, and some of their “almost grown” children traveled with them.  So far, I have been told that Aquilla was their son. However, I have not yet been able to prove this.

I received a marriage bond from the Rowan Library, and included with bond was the permission from the bride’s mother.  I can read the bond just fine – William Moore and Margaret Patton. However,I have had a difficult time reading the “permission” portion.   I am hopeful that someone will be able to read it better than I! So far, for me, I have had a difficult time reading the second line.  If you can read it, please let me know! To enlarge, click on the image.

Thank you, Maggie