I was going to Fairfax, VA, for my 40th high school reunion.  My husband and I would be in the area for a few days.  So, the thought came to me – go to NARA while there.  We would have entire day at NARA!

It is important to make a copy of the actual pension record for the veteran – this was the copy that was on ancestry.com.  It is important to have the company and regiment, and it is important to know that the index for pensions is on T288 and are in record group 15.

Here is the pension record for Orlow Babcock:



I knew that Orlow was injured during the war (I had found him in a newspaper article in Rochester, NY, that listed those who had entered into hospital).  I asked where I may find the carded medical records.  I was told to go to Room G-24 – right across from where one submits pulls for pensions and CMSRs.  There was an archivist there that was the expert on Hospital Records!  He explained about the carded records – they were sorted by state and the first letter of the last name.  The form that one uses in this room is different.  Your name and researcher card number are required.  And, then there is a big blank area.  The archivist will tell you what to write in that area.

At the bottom of the form is some signature blocks – these will be used when they actually hand you the cards.

More in my next blog!