More on the mystery of John Bradshaw:

John Bradshaw and Catherine Huffman had children Leander (my ancestor), Matilda, John Monroe, Elijah Liter, Julia, Mary Ann, Malinda, Sarah Ann, and Susan Catherine.

Matilda married Edward Martin – this is known from John’s will.  I have found Edward and Matilda in census records in 1850, 1870 and 1880 (1850 Nelson Co., 1870 Jefferson Co., 1880 Nelson Co.).  In 1870, also in their household were Julia (13) and Gertrude (12) Bradshaw.  Who were these young Bradshaw’s? Also in the household in 1870 and 1880 was Kate/Katie Trigg – in 1880 she is listed as a niece.  Who was she?  This Kate/Katie is the same age (5 in 1870 and 14 in 1880) as a Katie Trigg who was the daughter of Matilda’s sister, Julia.  It could be that Katie was at home with her parents on 9 June 1880 (Oldham Co.) and with her Aunt Matilda on 12 June 1880 (Nelson Co.), as they lived relatively close together.  However, I have not found Julia Trigg (or her husband Hiram) in the 1870 census.

I have found Edward and Matilda living in Vermilion County, Illinois, in the 1860 census.  Also in their household are:  Katie Wilson (age 7), Mary Mandrig, Wm E. Martin, and E. G. Draper.    Is the Wm. E. Martin (age 17) a brother to Edward (age 35)?  This Wm. E. was not living with Edward and Matilda in 1850.  And, is the Katie Wilson a relative of Matilda’s?  Matilda had a sister, Malinda, who married William P. Wilson.  I have found Malinda and William in 1850, but have not found them in any other census year.

I do not yet know when Edward Martin died.  I do know that Matilda died at the Home for Aged and Infirm in Louisville, Kentucky on 12 January 1911, and is buried in Eastern Cemetery in Louisville.  I have contacted the cemetery, and many of their records for the time period before 1911 have been lost.  So, if Edward is buried there, there is no way to find him!  I have not found Matilda in a census in 1900 or 1910 either.  I wonder where she was!

If I could find the will for Edward, then maybe I would know whether or not they had their own children.   And, a will may explain who the young Bradshaw’s were in 1870.  I have had no success as yet in finding a will for Edward.