Quite awhile ago, I was researching a family who had married in a town in Illinois and had moved to Iowa 20 years after they married.  They both died at a late age – during the 1880’s.  The wife died first.  When I found her obituary in the local paper (where they lived), not much was said – her name, the date she died, her husband’s name.  That was it!  And, no gravestone could be found.

After much searching, I thought to look for the gravestone where they had originally married – there were still some of that last name living in the same original town!  No gravestone.   But, I decided to look for an obituary anyway.  And, what an obituary was found!   It gave not just the name of the wife and husband, but the names of her parents and grandparents, and all of the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, and nephews!  It even went into what church she had attended (and the years), and where she was to be buried.  Someplace that I had not even thought of – where her parents were buried!

I wish all obituaries gave this much information!