More on the mystery of John Bradshaw:

John Bradshaw and Catherine Huffman had children Leander (my ancestor), Matilda, John Monroe, Elijah Liter, Julia, Mary Ann, Malinda, Sarah Ann, and Susan Catherine.

I have a copy of John Bradshaw’s will.   In it he states, “Leander my son … to my daughter Mary Ann, … my daughter Malinda Ann, … daughter S. Catherine …son John, … daughter Sarah Ann … daughter Matilda … son Elijah Liter … daughter Juriah …”

Later in the will, he states, “I design to keep the within named slave Letha girl I designed to my daughter Malinda Ann Wilson, …”

Oldham County, Kentucky, has wonderful records!  Found there was the following:

“We the undersigned commissioners, appointed by the Oldham County Court at this January term 1840 do assign Dower in the Slaves of John Bradshaw, decd.  To his widow Katherine Rice and Divide the remainder of Dd Slaves among the Heirs of D John Bradshaw Decd.”

This document names every slave that belonged to John Bradshaw, and to which child the slave was going.  The widow, Katherine Rice (John died 1 June 1839, and Catherine married Rev. Thomas Moore Rice on 28 November 1839 – Thomas was the father of Leander’s (son of Catherine) wife), was to have slaves valued at $1,650.  Each child is named and the name and value of the slaves is given:

Leander Bradshaw – $942.08

Mary Ann Holmes – $1,326.33

Melinda Wilson – $1028.33

Katharine Conn – $1073.33

John Bradshaw – $592.08

Sarah Ann Bradshaw – $592.08

Matilda Bradshaw – $592.08

Elijah Lyter Bradshaw – $592.08

Juriah Bradshaw – $592.08

Also stated in the document is that Thomas Conn was the guardian of Sarah Ann Bradshaw and Matilda Bradshaw, Rev. Rice was the guardian of Juriah Bradshaw, Mrs. Rice was the guardian of Elijah Lyter Bradshaw, Robert Holmes was the guardian of John Bradshaw.  Various moneys were “moved around” so that eventually all had their “fair share” of the slaves.  The children that had already married had more coming to them since they were married.

This document gives so much information!