The mystery of John Bradshaw:

John Bradshaw was born about 1 June 1778 near Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  This is known from the Bible which belonged to his grandmother.  Of course, this was probably written by his grandmother, and not by anyone who was living at the time of John Bradshaw!

In the same Bible entry, it is stated that John Bradshaw died 1 June 1834.  And, it is clearly 1834!  This date is incorrect, as his will is dated 9 June 1838, and the will was probated on 10 June 1839.

So, who were the parents of John Bradshaw?  The only record I have found thus far for John Bradshaw is his marriage to Catherine Huffman 9 November 1809.  This was found in the Marriage Records for Bourbon County, Kentucky.  However, I have found no other records for John or any other Bradshaw’s in Bourbon County.

I have investigated the Bradshaw’s of Virginia.  I have traced all that I have found!  And, none of them led to John.  There were also Bradshaw’s in Maryland.  I have had no luck with tracing them – there are many gaps in the records.

There is a family story that John’s mother was named Mariah.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Maybe someone has Bradshaw’s in their family!