Do you ever go to, or another website, and find a family tree that has been downloaded to the site?  I know that I have, and I imagine that a lot of genealogists, professional and otherwise, have had the same experience.

One needs to be careful about these family trees.  It could be that everything in the tree is correct and well cited. And, then again, it could be that someone put the information there without any citations.  If that is the case, then the information could be correct, but it could also be incorrect.  All of it!

And, keep in mind that even if there are citations, one must check out those citations before really knowing for sure that the information is correct.  So far, I have never found an incorrect item that has a citation listed.  However, one needs to be certain.

And, what if included in the tree are photos, scans of wills, etc.  Is it okay to use them?  I know that if I find something such as this on a tree, I always contact the owner of the tree to get permission to use the item.

What do you think?