Maps.  We all use them.  If we do research dating from the early days of the United States and before, we have maps of countries and U.S. county formations.  And, we have a lot of them!

Do we use them once and then dispose/recycle them?  Then, the next time one is needed for that state or country, we use the Internet to find the same map again?  I hope not!

How does one organize so many maps?

I have a “Maps” notebook for all of my maps.  It started out in a thin folder, then a ½” binder, then a 1″ binder, etc.  I have them organized by state.  Each map is not just printed out, but also an explanation of the map is included.  And, of course my source is included.  I also have areas for “sections” of the U.S. – New England, Northwest Territory, etc.  And, of course, I also have some foreign maps in there as well.

Do you have another idea for organizing maps?  If so, please do not hesitate to share