Evernote.  From reading some of the APG messages, this is similar to Microsoft One Note.

I recently attended the Midwestern Roots conference in Indianapolis.  I had not planned well, and had not printed the handouts (from the online syllabus) of the sessions in which I was interested.  Of course, I realized this after I was already in my hotel room, on the day of pre-conference activities.  What to do.

Then, I had an idea.

I have Evernote on my computer, and on my Samsung phone/hand-held-communication device.  Mine is nicknamed Jessie.  So, my thought was to put the files onto Jessie.  First, on my computer, I created individual word documents for each of the session handouts – one document for each session.  Then, I put them in Evernote.  And, did the Sync command.  Then, on Jessie, I clicked on my app for Evernote, did the Sync command, and there were the documents!  So, when I went to each session, I brought up Evernote and the appropriate document, and I was all set.

I imagine that I can use Evernote for much more than I do right now, but still thought I would pass this along!