My father, Robert Bryan, was the historian in the family before I became a genealogist.  I have him to thank for introducing me to genealogy.

One of the things that my dad always wanted to do was to determine who his earliest ancestor was.  He had determined who his great-great-grandfather was in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  However, it was a mystery to him who HIS father was.  The search for the father of William H. Bryan was talked about in my blog in February 2012.

Before my father knew the name of this ancestor, he found out everything he could about William’s family in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  This would have been in the early to mid-1800s.

So, one of his activities was to plot every piece of land that was either owned or managed by William H.  Dad wanted to know where the land was, and was hopeful that by knowing the location of the land, he would be one step closer to finding the father of William.

My dad went through the deed books in Stanford, the Lincoln County seat.  He made a hand-written copy of every deed found concerning William H. Bryan.  Then, he plotted every piece of land on graph-paper.  And, besides all of this, he kept his papers where he calculated poles and links.

When I was working on this same type of activity in a lesson in the Home Study Course by NGS, I used my dad’s notes for how to do this type of plotting.  His notes were excellent and helped me so much on this lesson.

Below is a scan one of the plots which he graphed.  It is wonderful that I now have a notebook which contains all of these scans.