For a few years, I have been in the process of going through and organizing my parents’ photos and papers.  While doing this, I came upon a few items that I knew they had, but I had not seen for a long time.

This is one item which I discovered:


I am the one on the far left!  My class at school had gone to see the Mona Lisa – I lived in Northern Virginia, and the Mona Lisa was making her way around the world, and was currently in Washington, D.C.  My class studied the painting as well as visited it.  Then, we made our own renditions of the painting.  My crayoned “painting” was one of three chosen because of their excellent renditions.  I remember Mom telling me too that it was obvious from the drawing that I had artist skills, even at such a young age!  I was 7!

Well, those artist skills certainly did not continue!  As I grew, it was obvious that I was very much left-brained – logical, math oriented.  While in high school, I took science and math, and stayed away from art!  In college, I majored in math.  Then, did post-graduate work in Operations Research.

I am not sure what happened to the art side of me, but it certainly is no longer dominant!

By the way, the actual crayon drawing is with the newspaper article in an acid-free environment.