For awhile, I will showcase some of the items found in my dad’s WWII memorabilia.

The first item that I will talk about has this written in a label at the top of the page:

“Transported liberated POWs from Germany to reception camps in western France.  This is one of the manifests.  There are two more on the following pages.  I had several trips—some to Munich.”

On this first page, there are names that “sound” French – Gustave Foucher, Michel Chaumier, Emile Levisse to name a few.  Gustave Foucher was the rank of Sergent with Ser. No 198.  All of the names are under the heading, STALAG XIIA LIMBURG.  All of the others are the rank of PVT, and have their serial numbers listed as well.

At the bottom of the page, it is interesting that this is stated:

“Certified these men have been deloused.”