This hotel was located in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  My grandfather, John Rodman Bradshaw, was the manager of the hotel from May-September 1927.  My sister currently has the ledger that he used while managing the hotel, but I have a copy of it.  My grandmother and mother were there at the same time, helping him to manage (my mother was born in 1926, so she didn’t do too much).  The hotel must have been quite popular, as there are also many letters from past and future visitors to the hotel.  I do not know why the hotel closed.

According to page 117 in the book, Campbellsville (DeSpain, Joseph Y.  Campbellsville.  Charleston, South Carolina:  Arcadia Publishing, 2010), “Lorain Wells, also known early as Morrison Well, was located five miles from Campbellsville on the Greensburg pike in the Shiloh area.  The Caldwells assumed ownership from G. D. Smith and Jim Morrison…In 1927, J. L. Bradshaw [it was really J. R. Bradshaw] managed the resort when the owner, Julia Caldwell, sold to L. E. Woodward of Deatsville, Kentucky.  The buildings accommodated 42 people in a two-story hotel…”

Below is an advertisement of the hotel.