About 10 years ago, I was going through papers that had been in stacks on the floor (given to me a very long time ago and never gone through).  I was finally having the time to do it!

I found a poem that was typed – obviously it had not originally been typed as the poem was written in 1883.   However, the poem was a real find nevertheless.  (The original, hand-written, poem was found in the home of a cousin in California!  He continues to have the original.)

The poem was written by my great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole Burroughs Jones.  Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia Cole was born in 1825 to Daniel and Joanna Williams Cole.  Both Daniel and Joanna died about a year after her birth.  There was a couple, Daniel G. Burroughs and wife Tryphenie Jones Burroughs, who had no children of their own.  They adopted Mary Ann Charlotte Cordelia shortly after her parents’ deaths.  “Cordelia” Burroughs married Sylvester Jones in 1845.  Daniel and Tryphenie Burroughs lived with Cordelia and Sylvester.  Sylvester died just 2 short years after their marriage (he died right after Cordelia became pregnant with their second child, a son).  The Burroughs continued to live with Cordelia and her 2 small children.  All of this took place in Castile, New York.

Cordelia’s daughter, Phenie Cordelia, married Orlow Babcock.  After the Civil War, it became evident that Orlow needed to be in warmer climate.  So, Phenie and Orlow set out to move to Sunbright , Tennessee.  As Cordelia had no family except for Phenie, she decided to move with them.  The poem I found is what she wrote directly before they all moved in 1883.

Below is the poem.  As you will read, it is quite sad.