About 10 years ago, my husband and I were visiting with his parents in Genoa, Ohio.  We had all been visiting and talking about old times.  Paul’s mother, Alberna, began talking about her growing-up days.  She was talking about “where” the farm had been, “where” she had been confirmed, etc.  It was all so interesting, and I had been taking notes.

At one point, I asked if she could describe more of where these locations were – I was not familiar with the area, and wanted to have a better idea as to where she had lived, etc.

Alberna began to describe the places, and then my husband, Paul, had a wonderful idea.  We (Vance and Alberna, Paul and I) loaded in the car, and drove to see the places.  And, a few cameras went along as well!

Later, when I was documenting our trip, it was wonderful to have the photos to go along with the stories.  The photos made the stories come alive!

Both Alberna and Vance have now passed away, and we cherish the time when we all rode around to see all of the important places in Alberna’s life.