There is something about which I wonder.  Do little girls still get dressed in their Easter outfits on Easter?

There were three of us girls (no boys) in our family when I was growing up.  Every Easter, we would get a new-to-us Easter outfit.  I am thinking that the outfits were “brand new,” but that was not what was important to us.  What was important was a “new” dress, with a matching hat, and white patent leather shoes.  And, before gloves went out-of-style, we would also have a pair of white gloves to wear!

The shoes were always new as we had outgrown the previous year’s shoes!  And, the dress was new because it was not a hand-me-down!

And, of course, Dad would take a picture of the three of us standing on the front step!  I have many of the photos that were taken on Easter, and I can follow how the styles changed over the years.

Do little girls still get a new Easter outfit?