Orlow and Phenie Cordelia Jones Babcock were my great-great grandparents.   Orlow’s father has always been one of those family mysteries.

Family story and a relative’s personal copy of a family tree state that the father of Orlow was Daniel P. Babcock.  There is no definite “proof” established for this.  However, years ago when I spoke with the relative with the family tree that he had developed, I was told that Orlow and his brother, George Washington, were sons of Daniel P. Babcock.  I asked for the “proof”, and I was told that it had been proven.  In my copy of this family tree, there are no sources for any of the information, just data.  So, I have spent many years attempting to find the proof for the information in the tree.

As I stated above, it is not just the family tree that states this – the family stories have always said this as well.  My grandmother, whose mother was a Babcock, and who had a memory for family information, stated firmly that Daniel was Orlow’s and George Washington’s father.

So, the search began.  I feel as though I am not much further ahead now from where I was when I began this search!  I plan to present the information which I have obtained with the hope of someone else “connecting” with the information.  Maybe a long-lost relative will read this blog, and contact me!  Or, maybe someone will “see” something which I don’t see – I have been researching this for so long I wonder if I would see the connection if I found it!

So, I will begin with the sharing of my research in my next blog about Orlow Babcock’s father.