My father’s mother, Frances Ruth Bryan, saw Haley’s Comet twice!  In 1986, when the comet was visible to her and many others for the second time in their lives, a newspaper in Lexington, Kentucky (“Comet Watchers Remember spectacle of 1910,” Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader, 23 February 1986, p. 1-2.),wrote an article about the event.  This is her account:

In 1910 I was living with my father, mother, three sisters and two brothers about 3 ½ miles west of Stanford.  I was 13 ½ years old.  There was no radio or television, and teen-agers were not much interested in the newspapers, so we knew little about the expected comet.  Our mother came upstairs and told my sister and me to wake up because the comet was visible.  We didn’t like being awakened.  We thought we could see it some other time, but she assured us we might never have another chance for it would be many years before it would come again.  As I remember it, there was a bright, beautiful star with a long wide tail.  It was beautiful.

— Mrs. W. B. Bryan


My grandmother, Frances Ruth Bryan, is just left of the middle of the photo, in a black dress (white trim on collar).

By the way – 3 copies of this article were found in my father’s (Robert Bryan, son of Frances Ruth Bryan) papers.